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My dear Patrons, RAWAP friends & members, national and international water related organizations and associations, colleagues, brother & sisters

Assalam o Alaikum!


Hope all of you will be fine and healthy. I need not to stress that water is an important part of life, and without water life is impossible, water itself is source of life, water is energy and water is a great blessing. Water is the most important and basic necessity for human life. Without water life can’t exist.

Throughout the world, more than a billion people do not have access to safe drinking water because the increasing population of the world has lowered the level of ground water alarmingly, particularly in the densely populated parts of the world like South Asia, China and Indonesia. Potable water is becoming a rare commodity all over the world. In some regions, water is even more costly than milk.

In Pakistan, 38.5 million people have no access to clean and safe drinking water and its shortage is proliferating quickly. Pakistan was a water rich country just a few decades ago; however, a recent World Bank Report mentioned that Pakistan is now among the 17 countries that are currently facing water shortage.

My brothers, you know that most of the rural areas of Pakistan are missing basic amenities. Due to lack of clean water, people of rural areas are living in harsh circumstances. According to the latest report, 70 percent of the rural areas have no access to clean water. Due to lack of clean water, thousands of children die each year and millions fall ill.

Most of the people in rural areas are using underground water. For this purpose they use hands pumps small wells and other local methods. Mostly water fetching work is done by women who go through this difficulty on daily basis. Seeing all these issues, we have established this organization in Pakistan for rural areas, which is aimed at delivering welfare and clean water to the rural areas “Rural Areas Water Association Pakistan (RAWAP)” is Public supported Non-profit organizations. It is committed to reducing the water problems of the rural areas and to make their lives easier.

Now we have just started working in water sectors and we have planned in a short time how to resolve water issues in the rural areas of Pakistan and how to provide clean water to the inhabitants. For this purpose we have created a team of water experts and local educated youth, which is playing major role in educating and training inhabitants of rural areas. We have initially identified those areas where water problem is very severe. In this regard, the first project is being started from the tribal areas of Pakistan (FATA) after that we will move to the northern divisions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan, etc, and we will extend our projects to south Punjab and Rural Sindh.

Why we started from FATA (federally administered and tribal Areas)? It is because FATA is the most backward and less develop area than the remaining areas. Secondly, FATA is hilly area where water related problems are many and magnanimous. In this regard, we organized various types of programs regarding significance of water in villages, schools and mosques, on every tehsil station in FATA, to raise awareness and do something tangible with the help of locals.

As an important assignment, we are currently conducting a survey in the rural areas to estimate the water availability and requirement of every region including surface water situation, underground water situation, and water harvesting ponds, water supply, surface land level, water usage, and water quality, along with water problems. This will be a major consideration for this association. Ground work which includes small dam’s construction, water harvesting ponds construction, small level tube wells, canal designs, water filtration plants, hand pumps, water pumps, water tank, water coolers, water bags and all items that are needed by people of rural areas for water saving and collection are covered in our functions. We are working to supply water to the people of rural areas. We providing clean water and hence try to make the lives of rural people easy.


Finally, I invite you all to join hands with us to bring ease to the lives of rural communities by providing them with safe water. You can help us by joining us as a volunteer, by escalating our message to your circles, by raising awareness among masses or by collaborating with us. I hope that owing to your generous support RAWAP will achieve all its targets.

Clean water is the basics right of every citizen. Let’s work together and provide clean water to every citizen.

Engr Rehan Zeb Khan

Chief Executive officer





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