Our Objectives

The objectives for which this Association established is to Provide Awareness , Technical Assistance, Training to assist water resources development in rural areas of Pakistan and as follows:

  • To provide the latest information, knowledge and technical assistance to protect public waters and improve the quality of life in rural areas of Pakistan.
  • To provide clean water for drinking by installation of tube wells and hand pumps to the rural community.
  • To construct the mini dams, rain water harvesting ponds and water storage tanks for the purposes of agriculture, home usage and live stocks.
  • To provide excellence in training and technical assistance to small municipal and non-municipal systems, rural water districts, and waste water districts.
  • To provide awareness about water reservations and to protect water resources.
  • To promote technical information to rural communities.
  • Capacity building of local institutions and communities in water resources.
  • To provide platform for local water experts to share their expertise in water e.g. irrigation, environment and GIS.
  • To collaborate with local, national and International organizations, Associations and regulators to solve water issues of the Rural Areas of Pakistan.



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