Our Works



Provide clean water to the Rural Community  for drinking by installation of tube wells, Water Pumps, and filtration plants.

RAWAP  working to provide clean water for drinking to the rural community. In this regards we are installing Water filtration plants, Tube wells, Hand pumps,solar pumps etc. in different parts of the rural areas of the country. Dozens of hand pumps were installed in Upper Dir maidan kpk, solar pumps and small level tub well will be installing at emergency based in Mohmand and Aorakzai district of Kp. In the future we will install Water filtration plants in the rural areas of Punjab and Sindh … Read More


Construction of Rain water harvesting ponds, mini Dams and Water tanks in the Rural Areas.

We are constructing Rainwater harvesting pound in rainfed areas to collect, convey and store rain from relatively clean surfaces such as a roof, land surface or rock catchments for home and small level agricultural use. Mini dams and  harvesting pounds also be provide water for human consumption, reduce water bills and lessen the need to build reservoirs, which may require the use of valuable land… Read More


Organizing Awareness seminars and campaigns in different part of the Rural Areas.

RAWAP Team  arranging water awareness seminars and campaigns in different parts of the Country, because many people in rural areas don’t know the importance of the water. In this regard we are conducting seminars in different Public and private sector universities, colleges, schools, Masques, Parks and sports grounds etc. to draw the attention of the people… Read More


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